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Dear Patron,

Congratulations on your new Internet Cafe business!

You are now bound to earn unlimited income potential and convert every 30-minute of your life into pesos. We have prepared the best package for you. It is the result of our 10 years experience in this industry.

To make everything transparent and organize, we have come up with a Terms of Service below. Please take time to read it for your guidance.

Again, congratulations and we wish you all the best. More power!


Terms of Service

By using or transacting with icafebusiness.com you agree to our Terms of Service.

1. You hereby Free icafebusiness.com from any Fraudulent or Unlawful Activities.

2. You declare that the Payment to the Sales Channel of icafebusiness.com is free from problems.

3. For whatever reason and unforeseen issues, you will not held icafebusiness.com liable for your lost of income and the like.

4. In case of a dispute, icafebusiness.com reserves the rights to have the Final Decision since the reason why you seek the help of icafebusiness.com is because you do not know about the internet cafe business. Example: A kinder garten pupil is teaching the teacher how to properly pronounce letter "A" even though the pupil actually do not know how to properly pronounce letter "A". In this example, the teacher is correct since it is understood that the pupil came to the school to learn with the teacher. icafebusiness.com is the teacher and you are the pupil. If you are also a teacher, then you are not our client.

5. Refunds can only be done if item is defective, unrepairable and replacement is impossible to produce.

6. FREE setup is a bonus given by icafebusiness.com. icafebusiness.com has the right to refuse to give its bonus if the client is not cooperative and has verbally and physically violating this Terms of Service. FREE Delivery is given to clients who are within the coverage area depending on the current price of diesel. To know if your area is delivery fee free, please ask the front line staff at our sales channel.

7. You are seeking the help of icafebusiness.com because your knowledge about the internet cafe business and computers as a whole are not sufficient enough for you to come up with a correct decision/thought by yourself or with other people hence the need of icafebusiness.com intervention.

8. It is understood that you allow and trust icafebusiness.com's 10 years experience to decide in your behalf on matters concerning the right specs of computers and accessories/peripherals.

9. You must abide and follow the details enumerated in the Setup Requirement page.

10. You have the right to enjoy all benefits of being a recipient of icafebusiness.com's goodwill like free setup and free use of loading platform to earn extra income as long as this Terms of Service is not violated.

Enjoy and good luck on your business endeavor!