risk free internet cafe setup

Why it is a risk-free purhase?

ICAFEBUSINESS.COM is a risk-free website because we do not allow any transaction to happen unless you fully understand what you are buying. You can send us all your questions from the simplest to the most complicated queries and we always try our best to answer as soon as possible.

Thanks to our unique business model. The risk of committing a mistake when purchasing online has become a thing of the past. You will be spared from the following risk if you choose icafebusiness.com to be your partner in setting up your Internet Cafe business:

Risk in over-kill specs that resulted to high cost of computers/investment

Our computer specification is based on the required specs by games being played today and not by hear-say. For example, some customers wanted to have a dual core processor because they want to play DOTA or Warcraft but in fact having that kind of processor is already over-kill meaning you can use processors lower than that and still experience the same reliability and gameplay, similar peformance using an expensive processor.

Risk in talking to the seller's Salesman Of The Year

If you go to their store, most probably you will be talking to their "Salesman Of The year". Yes, you will get the attention that you are longing for but do not be deceived! He is a salesman, therefore, only the sun, the moon, the stars -- the beautiful things will be explained unto you which is BAD! As a salesman, his aim is to simply sell the products and bring the company to the highest sales ever, period.

ICAFEBUSINESS.COM is not a salesman. We are a group of seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge and background in computers. We are here not because we are selling computers, but we are here because we want to help you start your Internet Cafe at the most reasonable price without compromising the quality. We dear most our beloved OFWs abroad who sacrifice just to make sure that the family back home has a better future.

So if we say something, it is not because we want to achieve our "highest sales ever" but because that is the right decision and the best according to what we know and experience.

Stores pushing you to buy this and that so that they can pay for their store rental and employees

All stores need to make a sale in order to pay for their store rental, salary of employees and other operating expenses. As a result, employees who man the frontline really need to give their best shot to win you, which is bad!

ICAFEBUSINESS.COM's operates with the lowest overhead cost. We only pay for the .com that we have which is - www.icafebusiness.com. Our Sales Office is an Internet Cafe that at the same time serves as our showroom. The income being generated by this I-Cafe pays its own operating expense. Does, we do not have any reason to push you, to buy immediately -- WHICH IS GREAT! We can effectively focus on the right things to do and not just focus our mind how we can get your money like the traditional computer stores are doing.

We have just stated above some of the benefits of having us as your partner in putting up your Internet Cafe. Should you need help? Please message us here. Thank you.


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