Return of Investment (ROI)

Sample computation for an I-Cafe Negosyo:

Number of PCs: 10
Service: Pure Internet

Rate: P20.00/hour

Operating hours........... 9:00AM - 12MN (15 hours)

Conservative Computation:

P20/hour x 8 hours = P160.00 per computer

P160.00 x 10 = P1,600 per day

P1,600 per day x 30 days = P48,000.00

P 48,000.00 - Electric no a/c (P3,500) - SmartBro (P999) - Water (P500) - Shop Rental (P7,000) = P36,001.00

Your Net Income per month is P36,001.00

Return of Investment: In just 2 months