How to make your Internet Cafe 
profitable and sustain it


How to make your Internet Cafe profitable and sustain it

So, you have your Internet Cafe running and you want it to be more profitable with sustainability. Read our Lucky 7 below to discover.

In order for your Internet Cafe to reap profit, you must be carefully and consistently have the following:

The Lucky 7 of Internet Cafe

1.) Your price should be competitive

You may have the latest equipments and tools versus your competitors but you really need to go down with their price. For example, if the majority rate is P15/Hour, then you should go with that.

2.) Champion Customer Service

Your customer service must be excellent. Offer genuine to your patrons and operate your business as if you are doing a public service. Always find ways to help them. 

3.) It's all in the Comfort Room

This is necessity for an Internet Cafe. Your customers are bound to have longer hours if you follow the first 2 so having a CR is really needed. If without it, they will finish their time as soon as they feel the urge and you do not want that to happen. Clean CR is a magnet for Internet Cafe customers.

4.) Well maintain computers

Your computers must be well maintained. Free from viruses, spam and unnecessary programs that make your computers slow. Only install programs that you really need. You can also use a 3rd party software that makes it easy for you to maintain your computers. ICAFEBUSINESS.COM can help you with this.

5.) Mouse, Keyboards, Webcams and Headsets are all working 

Make sure all are working well because your customers have  direct contact on these.. Have a spare for every accessory so that you can easily replace the defective one.

6.) Fast Internet Connection

Wired DSL, broadband or wireless internet connections are okay as long as they met the required speed. For 5 computers, minimum should be 512kbps. 1mbps is good up to 10 computers. More speed is required for 10 or more.

7.) Cleanliness

Always clean the keyboard, mouse, monitors and tables. Off course, your entire shop should be at its pristine condition always. They must feel that they are as if in their homes. Your cleanliness will mean your concern to them hence they will come back. If your competitor's shop is dirty, you will definitely win your customer's heart here. 


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